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Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Chumbley, Robert (2000). The Synonymous Nature and communal Function of Peirce's Ground, Immediate Object and Meaning: Three Abductions
Argues that the triad ground/immediate object/meaning offers a clearer resonance with the texts of Charles S. Peirce and opens more surely on the great theme of community. Texts wherein immediate...
Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/11/2015
Quote from "On a New List of Categories"

…the conception of a pure abstraction is indispensable, because we cannot comprehend an agreement of two things, except as an agreement in some respect, and this respect is such a pure...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/11/2015
Quote from "On Signs [R]"

The sign stands for something, its object. It stands for that object, not in all respects, but in reference to a sort of idea, which I have sometimes called the ground of the...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/11/2015
Quote from "Lowell Lectures on The Logic of Science; or Induction and Hypothesis: Lecture IX"

By a ground, […] I meant the pure form or abstraction which is the original of the thing and of which the concrete thing is only an incarnation. Reference...

Manuscript | Posted 31/08/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1904). On the Foundations of Mathematics. MS [R] 7

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [c.1903?], pp. 1-16, with 3 rejected pages; 17-19 of another draft.
Mathematics as dealing essentially with signs. The MSS. below (Nos. 8-11) are...

Manuscript | Posted 25/11/2012
Peirce, Charles S. (1908). The Bed-Rock Beneath Pragmaticism. MS [R] 300

From the Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., G-1905-1e, pp. 1-65; 33-40; 38-41; 37-38; 40-43.7; plus 64 pp. of fragments running brokenly from p. 1 to p. 60.
This was to have...