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News | Posted 07/05/2019
Workshop: Peirce on Assertion

In 1902 Peirce wrote: "one and the same proposition may be affirmed, denied, judged, doubted, inwardly inquired into, put as a question, wished, asked for, effectively commanded, taught, or merely...

News | Posted 07/05/2019
Workshop: Assertion and Proof (WAP 2019)

The notion of assertion plays a key inferential role and has a long tradition in logic. It is a key ingredient in most logical systems, either implicitly or explicitly.

The idea of...

Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Thibaud, Pierre (1997). Between Saying and Doing: Peirce's Propositional Space
Discusses philosopher Charles Peirce's theory of proposition. Relation between proposition and assertion; Details on the pragmatic analysis of assertion and proposition; Types of indetermination...
Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/08/2017
Quote from "On the System of Existential Graphs Considered as an Instrument for the Investigation of Logic"

…assertion does not add a new element of thought. For an assertion is not a thought but a deed. If one goes before a notary and takes one’s affidavit to a statement, that is nothing but highly...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 22/08/2017
Quote from "The Rationale of Reasoning"

A Proposition is nearly the same as an “Assertion.” The distinction which I use the two words to mark is that an Assertion includes no more than it is the intention of the...

Manuscript | Posted 22/08/2017
Peirce, Charles S. (1910.11). The Rationale of Reasoning. MS [R] 664

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., November 22-30, 1910, pp. 1-21, with 7 pp. of variants.
Problems of terminology. Definitions of “breadth” and “depth,” both of which presuppose...

Article in Journal | Posted 27/06/2017
Serson, Breno (1997). On Peirce's Pure Grammar as a General Theory of Cognition: From the Thought-sign of 1868 to the Semeiotic Theory of Assertion
Article in Journal | Posted 02/05/2017
Boyd, Kenneth, Heney, Diana (2017). Rascals, triflers, and pragmatists: developing a Peircean account of assertion
While the topic of assertion has recently received a fresh wave of interest from Peirce scholars, to this point no systematic account of Peirce’s view of assertion has been attempted. We think that...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Midtgarden, Torjus (2001). Peirce's Speculative Grammar from 1895-1896: Its Exegetical Background and Significance
Discusses the exegetical background and significance of Charles Sanders Peirce's speculative grammar from 1895-1896. Conceptual elements contained in the reformulated theory of truth; Role of...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Pape, Helmut (2002). Pragmatism and the Normativity of Assertion
Asserts that the idealistic sequentialism of C.S. Peirce is internally related to his view that the semantics of assertions and inferences has an irreducible normative and social side. Form taken by...
Article in Journal | Posted 10/07/2016
Boyd, Kenneth (2016). Peirce on Assertion, Speech Acts, and Taking Responsibility
C.S. Peirce held what is nowadays called a 'commitment view' of assertion. According to this type of view, assertion is a kind of act that is determined by its 'normative effects...
Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Howat, Andrew W. (2015). Hookway's Peirce on Assertion & Truth
Charles Sanders Peirce famously claimed that 'The opinion which is fated to be ultimately agreed to by all who investigate is what we mean by the truth' (W3: 273). Christopher Hookway has...
Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/03/2016
Quote from "The Basis of Pragmaticism"

To assert a proposition means to accept responsibility for it, so that if it turns out ill, or as Mr. Schiller says (by implication) unsatisfactory, in a certain way which we...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/03/2016
Quote from "The Fourth Curiosity"

a sign which belongs to a conventional system of possible signs, and which is intended and calculated to produce a belief in the mind to which it is addressed is an ...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 04/03/2016
Quote from "Unidentified Fragments"

What is the nature of assertion? We have no magnifying-glass that can enlarge its features, and render them more discernible; but in default of such an instrument we can select for examination a...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/11/2015
Quote from "Short Logic"

A proposition asserts something. That assertion is performed by the symbol which stands for the act of consciousness. That which accounts for assertion...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 05/09/2015
Quote from "Analysis of the Trustworthiness of the Different Kinds of Reasonings"

…throughout this essay the word “assertion” will be used to mean a certain kind of communication, and so to denote a performance requiring the coöperation of two...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 30/08/2015
Quote from "New Elements (Kaina stoiceia)"

The man is a symbol. Different men, so far as they can have any ideas in common, are the same symbol. Judgment is the determination of the man-symbol to have whatever...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/01/2015
Quote from "Harvard Lectures on Pragmatism: Lecture I"

…it is a fairly easy problem to analyze the nature of assertion. To find an easily dissected example, we shall naturally take a case where the assertive element is magnified, – a very...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/01/2015
Quote from "Reason's Rules"

An assertion is an act by which a person makes himself responsible for the truth of a proposition.