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Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Misak, Cheryl (2013). Reply to Four Instructive Critics
In this response to critical commentaries on The American Pragmatists, I clarify and sharpen some of the arguments made in the book-for instance, about how Quine and Lewis fit into my account of the...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Klein, Alexander (2013). Who is in the Community of Inquiry?
A central theme of Cheryl Misak's new history is that there are two key strands in the pragmatist tradition. The Peircean strand does 'justice to the objective dimension of human inquiry,...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Ramberg, Bjørn T. (2013). Being Constructive: On Misak's Creation of Pragmatism
This commentary on Cheryl Misak's The American Pragmatists opens with a schematic distinction between Type I philosophers, who think of their problems in ahistorical terms, and Type II...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Agler, David W., Durmuş, Deniz (2013). Christine Ladd-Franklin: Pragmatist Feminist
Before the early 1990s, accounts of classical American philosophy paid relatively little attention to the work and intellectual contributions of women philosophers. However, as early as 1991, a...
News | Posted 22/10/2014
French Pragmatist Association Founded

A new pragmatist association, called Pragmata, has been founded. Its aim is to gather all French scholars (and in the future all French-speaking scholars) with an interest in pragmatism....

Monograph | Posted 16/10/2014
Gava, Gabriele (2014). Peirce's Account of Purposefulness: A Kantian Perspective

This book presents a systematic interpretation of Charles S. Peirce’s work based on a Kantian understanding of his teleological account of thought and inquiry. Departing from readings that...

Link | Posted 11/10/2014
Pragmata: Association d'études pragmatistes
News | Posted 11/10/2014
Catégories du pragmatisme 1: Expérience et action

Séminaire Paris/Lyon - 2014/2015

Responsabilité et organisation : Roberto Frega (EHESS), Claude Gautier (ENS de Lyon), Mathias Girel (ENS de Paris), Stéphane Madelrieux (Université Jean...

News | Posted 24/09/2014
The Second European Pragmatist Conference

The conference is organized by PRAGMATA (Association française d’études pragmatistes) in partnership with The European Pragmatism Association, The Nordic Pragmatist Network, PRAGMA (Associazione...

Manuscript | Posted 23/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1903). Lecture I [R]. MS [R] 453

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., notebook, n.p., 1903, pp. 1-37.
Science hampered by the false notion that there is no distinction between good and bad reasoning. This notion related to...

News | Posted 18/08/2014
The 4th Swedish Pragmatism Colloquium on Education

Keynote speakers:

  • Larry Hickman, Professor and Director of Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University
  • Jim Garrison, Professor at Virginia Tech
  • Mark Johnson,...
News | Posted 04/08/2014
Philosophy of Language, Semiotics and Philosophy of Mind. Starting from C. S. Peirce in the Centenary of His Death

XXI Congress of the Italian Society of Philosophy of Language

This current year, 2014, is the centennial of the departure of Charles Sanders Peirce, father of semiotics, pioneer of modern...

Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Apel, Karl-Otto (1981). Charles S. Peirce: From Pragmatism to Pragmaticism

Charles Sanders Peirce is widely recognized as the founder of American pragmatism. Apel's systematic, sweeping, and innovative study quickly turned into a classic of Peirce scholarship when first...

Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Talisse, Robert B. (2007). A Pragmatist Philosophy of Democracy

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in American pragmatism. In political philosophy, the revival of pragmatism has led to a new appreciation for the democratic theory of John Dewey...

Monograph | Posted 31/07/2014
Thompson, Manley (1953). The Pragmatic Philosophy of C. S. Peirce

Charles Sanders Peirce has been widely acclaimed as America's greatest native philosopher. His greatest aspiration was to outline a philosophy so comprehensive that the work of all scientists and...

Monograph | Posted 29/07/2014
Fontrodona, Juan (2002). Pragmatism and Management Inquiry: Insights from the Thought of Charles S. Peirce

Good managers do not simply get things done—they do the right things. They are ethical. Through an examination of the work of Charles S. Peirce, the American philosopher who coined the term...

News | Posted 29/07/2014
Claudine Tiercelin's 'C. S. Peirce et le pragmatisme' available online

1993 monograph made available as an open access publication by Collège de France (OpenEdition Books, 2013)

Monograph | Posted 29/07/2014
Tiercelin, Claudine (2013). C. S. Peirce et le pragmatisme

Pionnier en maints domaines de la logique et de la philosophie – de la connaissance, du langage, des mathématiques, et de la psychologie –, Peirce (1839-1914) est surtout connu pour ses travaux en...

News | Posted 27/06/2014
The Practical Turn: Pragmatism in Britain in the Long Twentieth Century

Convenors: Professor Huw Price FBA, University of Cambridge, and Professor Cheryl Misak FRSC, University of Toronto

The Pragmatist approach to philosophical problems focuses on the role of...

News | Posted 23/06/2014
Project Conference: 'Idealism & Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?'

Conference organised by the Idealism & Pragmatism project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and based in Sheffield.


  • Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh)...