Keyword: Semantics

Article in Edited Collection | Posted 12/02/2018
Pape, Helmut (1999). Why We Mean (always) More and (sometimes) Less than We Say: Context-Dependence and Vagueness in Peirce's Semiotics. In: The Peirce Seminar Papers: Essays in Semiotic Analysis. Volume Four
Working Paper | Posted 11/03/2015
Legg, Catherine (2015). The Purpose of the Essential Indexical

This paper takes indexicality as a case-study for critical examination of the distinction between semantics and pragmatics as currently conceived in mainstream philosophy of language. Both a ‘pre-...

Article in Journal | Posted 27/11/2014
Aikin, Scott F. (2009). Prospects for Peircean Epistemic Infinitism
Epistemic infinitism is the view that infinite series of inferential relations are productive of epistemic justification. Peirce is explicitly infinitist in his early work, namely his 1868 series of...
Article in Journal | Posted 25/11/2014
Rellstab, Daniel H. (2008). Peirce for Linguistic Pragmaticists
The article discusses the theory of natural language and communication established by Charles Sanders Peirce, which offers a new perspective on the debated semantics-pragmatics-interface. The author...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/11/2014
Kralemann, Björn, Lattmann, Claas (2013). Models as Icons: Modeling Models in the Semiotic Framework of Peirce’s Theory of Signs
In this paper, we try to shed light on the ontological puzzle pertaining to models and to contribute to a better understanding of what models are. Our suggestion is that models should be regarded...
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 17/10/2012
Nöth, Winfried: "Charles Sanders Peirce, Pathfinder in Linguistics"

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) was a polymath who made significant contributions to many fields of study, from phenomenology to astronomy and from physics to metaphysics. In his writings of...