Keyword: Potentiality

Dictionary Entry | Posted 15/10/2015
Quote from "The Prescott Book"

Potentiality is the absence of Determination (in the usual broad sense)[,] not a mere negative kind but a positive capacity to be Yea and to be Nay; not ignorance...

Manuscript | Posted 20/08/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1897-8). Mems for 8 Lectures. MS [R] 945

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., n.d., 2 pp.
The freedom of unbounded possibility (before time and space were organized). The nothing of the not yet being distinguished from the...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 20/02/2015
Rosenthal, Sandra: "Proofs of realism and experiential flow"

Peirce stresses that the pragmatist qua pragmatist must embrace realism as opposed to nominalism. He offers as well “proofs” of realism which are open to various criticisms. Within the framework...