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News | Posted 21/05/2018
Social Science as Social Semiotics: Bridging Theories, Methods, and Practices

2018 is a year to celebrate two important milestones in the history of social semiotics - publication of landmark books in 1978 and 1988. Forty years ago, Michael Halliday issued Language as a...

News | Posted 16/06/2016
Pragmatism, 4E cognitive science, and the sociality of human conduct

Call for participants

Pragmatism is receiving sustained attention in the cognitive science. Recent works have emphasized the proximities between embodied, enactive, extended, and embedded...

News | Posted 25/02/2015
Le pragmatisme dans les sciences sociales: traditions, usages, nouveaux défis

A summer school on pragmatism and the social sciences organised by Pragmata

Article in Journal | Posted 01/12/2014
Parmentier, Richard J. (2014). Semiotic degeneracy of social life: Prolegomenon to a human science of semiosis
This paper explores Peirce's method of semiotic exemplification by a careful examination of his thinking about the relationship between interpretation and replication, the subdivision of signs...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Richardson, Alan (2013). What Good is a (Indeed, This) History of Pragmatism?
The philosophical point of the history of pragmatism offered by Cheryl Misak appears to be, to a first approximation, to recover pragmatism from Rorty. She does this by uncovering an '...