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Article in Journal | Posted 17/01/2018
Olen, Peter (2015). The Realist Challenge to Conceptual Pragmatism
Although commonly cited as one of the philosophers responsible for the resurgence of interest in pragmatism, Wilfrid Sellars was also the son of Roy Wood Sellars, one of the most dedicated critical...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Rosenthal, Sandra B. (2002). A Pragmatic Appropriation of Kant: Lewis and Peirce
Explores the appropriation of Kantian schemata by C.I. Lewis and Charles Peirce from the pragmatic perspective. View of Lewis on linguistic meaning and sense meaning; Information on Peirce's...
Article in Journal | Posted 20/02/2016
Misak, Cheryl (2016). Pragmatism and the Naturalist Project in Ethics and Politics: Lessons from Peirce, Lewis and Ramsey
It is argued here that the pragmatism of C.S. Peirce, C.I. Lewis and Frank Ramsey can deliver a cognitivist, naturalist account of ethical and political inquiry. The ensuing position escapes...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Robin, Richard S. (2006). Lewis, Peirce, and the Complexity of Classical Pragmatism
The article explores what divides the works and concepts of two philosophers C. I. Lewis and Charles Peirce on the subject of classical pragmatism. The received view of Lewis' epistemology is...
News | Posted 04/10/2015
Pragmatism in Transition: Contemporary Perspectives on C. I. Lewis

Pragmatism in Transition: Contemporary Perspectives on C. I. Lewis
(Palgrave Macmillan)

Once relatively neglected in the pantheon of American philosophy, C. I. Lewis’s work is...

Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Misak, Cheryl (2011). 2011 Presidential Address: American Pragmatism and Indispensability Arguments
The article presents the 2011 Charles S. Peirce Society Presidential Address, delivered by Professor Cheryl Misak. It examines American philosophies of pragmatism, truth, and the "will to...