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Article in Journal | Posted 17/08/2017
Liszka, James J. (2014). Peirce's Idea of Ethics as a Normative Science
Peirce proposed the idea of a normative science. The three disciplines of logic, ethics, and esthetics would each study a kind of good: good reasoning, good conduct, and good ends. By calling them...
Article in Journal | Posted 20/02/2016
Misak, Cheryl (2016). Pragmatism and the Naturalist Project in Ethics and Politics: Lessons from Peirce, Lewis and Ramsey
It is argued here that the pragmatism of C.S. Peirce, C.I. Lewis and Frank Ramsey can deliver a cognitivist, naturalist account of ethical and political inquiry. The ensuing position escapes...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Houser, Nathan (2005). Peirce in the 21st Century
The article focuses on the analytic philosophy of philosopher Charles S. Pierce. This article mentions the association of Peirce with analytic philosophers. Moreover, the theory of signs of Peirce is...
News | Posted 06/08/2013
James, Dewey and the Transformation of Peirce's Pragmatism

The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy session at the 2014 American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division meeting.

William James first announced his commitment to...

News | Posted 19/07/2013
Pragmatism, Naturalism, and Moral Objectivity

The annual meeting of the the Atlantic Region Philosophers’ Association.

Final call for abstracts:

The 2013 Meeting of the Atlantic Region Philosophers’ Association (ARPA) will be...