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Article in Edited Collection | Posted 21/12/2015
Bankov, Kristian (2004). Infinite Semiosis and Resistance. In: From Nature to Psyche
Dictionary Entry | Posted 23/10/2015
Quote from "Consequences of Pragmaticism"

…in my article of Jan. 1901, I enumerated as the three logically sound criteria of objectivity; first, that that which one can destroy at will, with scarce an effort, like a daydream or a house of...

Article in Journal | Posted 06/10/2015
Short, T. L. (2015). Empiricism Expanded
Peirce's empiricism was not limited to the pragmatic maxim. Eventually, he conceived of philosophy as a set of empirical inquiries, metaphysical and normative. To support that idea, he had to...
Working Paper | Posted 25/07/2015
Ambrosio, Chiara (2015). Composite Photographs and the Quest for Generality

Along with being a visual method of scientific investigation in its own right, the process of composite photography was often invoked, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, as a...

Monograph | Posted 23/12/2014
Misak, Cheryl (2004). Truth and the End of Inquiry: Expanded Paperback Edition
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Ramberg, Bjørn T. (2013). Being Constructive: On Misak's Creation of Pragmatism
This commentary on Cheryl Misak's The American Pragmatists opens with a schematic distinction between Type I philosophers, who think of their problems in ahistorical terms, and Type II...
News | Posted 19/07/2013
Pragmatism, Naturalism, and Moral Objectivity

The annual meeting of the the Atlantic Region Philosophers’ Association.

Final call for abstracts:

The 2013 Meeting of the Atlantic Region Philosophers’ Association (ARPA) will be...

News | Posted 13/05/2013
Pragmatism and Objectivity

The concept of objectivity is becoming increasingly central to discussions of philosophical and social-scientific pragmatism. This one-day workshop explores different dimensions of the concept of...