Keyword: Photography

Article in Journal | Posted 04/09/2017
Mirseyedi, Sarah (2017). Side by Side: The Halftone’s Visual Culture of Pragmatism
Charles S. Peirce’s late-nineteenth-century semiotic theory has long been considered one of the key frameworks for analysing the photograph as a visual sign. This article, however, proposes a closer...
Article in Journal | Posted 27/03/2016
Hoel, Aud S. (2016). Measuring the Heavens: Charles S. Peirce and Astronomical Photography
Taking its point of departure from the current digitisation of the Harvard Astronomical Plate Collection, this article follows the plates back to the time when the status of photography as a research...
Working Paper | Posted 25/07/2015
Ambrosio, Chiara (2015). Composite Photographs and the Quest for Generality

Along with being a visual method of scientific investigation in its own right, the process of composite photography was often invoked, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, as a...

Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Robins, Alexander (2014). Peirce and Photography: Art, Semiotics, and Science
In this article, I focus on Charles Sanders Peirce's viability for contemporary art history and criticism. I argue that in order to make sense of Peirce's published remarks on photographs...