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Article in Journal | Posted 28/08/2018
Fabbrichesi, Rossella (2018). Semiotics and the Something: A Pragmatist Perspective on the Debate on Realism
My intention in this paper is to contribute the debate on “realism” in order to raise a different sort of question: not whether ‘reality’ exists or does not exist, but rather what effects does the...
Article in Journal | Posted 10/06/2018
Tiercelin, Claudine (2016). The Contemporary Relevance of Peirce’s Views on the Logic and Metaphysics of Relations
Independently of Frege or Russell, C.S. Peirce made major contributions to the history of the logic and metaphysics of relations. After presenting his metaphysical interpretation of relations and his...
News | Posted 20/02/2018
New book: 'Peirce on Idealism and Realism' by Robert Lane

Published by Cambridge University Press (2017/2018).
Publisher's description: "This book offers a new interpretation of the metaphysics of Charles Peirce (1839–1914), the founder of...

Article in Journal | Posted 02/02/2018
Margolis, Joseph (1993). The Passing of Peirce's Realism
Focuses on the philosophical texts of Charles Peirce concerning the right analysis of what is truly predicable of particular things by the use of general terms. Analysis of the reality of the term...
Article in Journal | Posted 02/02/2018
Haack, Susan (1993). Philosophy/philosophy, an Untendable Dualism
Focuses on philosopher Charles Peirce. Views of Peirce on the multiple ambiguities of realism; Discussion on foundationalism; Definition of scientific philosophy.
Article in Journal | Posted 08/10/2017
Parker, Kelly (1994). Peirce's Semeiotic and Ontology
Discusses the use of the terms realism and idealism in characterizing the philosophy of Charles Peirce. Concerns which led Peirce to affirm logical realism and metaphysical idealism; Features of...
Article in Journal | Posted 08/10/2017
Wells, Kelley J. (1994). Contra Margolis' Peircean Constructivism: A Peircean Pragmatic Logos
Comments on an article on the principles of philosopher Charles S. Peirce on realism and universal generals. Claims concerning Peirce's basis for the status of universal generals; Views on the...
Article in Journal | Posted 08/10/2017
Hausman, Carl, Anderson, Douglas R. (1994). The Telos of Peirce's Realism: Some Comments on Margolis's "The Passing of Peirce's Realism"
Comments on an article on the views of philosopher Charles S. Peirce on realism. Analysis of attempts bring Peirce's version of realism into the context of contemporary debates; Examination of...
Article in Journal | Posted 02/10/2017
Maddalena, Giovanni (2017). Scientific and not Scientistic: The Rich Realism of Pragmatism
In the late years, contemporary philosophy turned towards different forms of realism. Classic pragmatism becomes important again because it can grant a realism respectful of both science and common...
Article in Journal | Posted 02/10/2017
Friedman, Lesley (1995). C.S. Peirce's Transcendental and Immanent Realism
Focuses on Charles Sanders Peirce's late realism about universals. Peirce's two kinds of universals in his ontology; Discussion on Peircean qualities; Unembodied qualities and...
Article in Journal | Posted 24/09/2017
De Waal, Cornelis (1996). The Real Issue Between Nominalism and Realism, Peirce and Berkeley Reconsidered
Focuses on the nominalism and realism issue as explained by philosophers Charles Peirce and George Berkeley. Nominalist conception of reality which relates cognition with the external world; Overview...
Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Wells, Kelley J. (1997). The Thermodynamic Metaphor, Overdetermination and Peirce's Commitment to Realism
Examines the methodological and metaphysical principles behind the pragmatic methodology and the methaphysical claims of philosopher Charles S. Peirce. Elaboration on the nature of his realism;...
Article in Journal | Posted 14/09/2017
de Waal, Cornelis (1998). Peirce's Nominalist-Realist Distinction, an Untenable Dualism
Article in Journal | Posted 23/08/2017
Hookway, Christopher (1988). Pragmaticism and 'Kantian Realism'
Article in Journal | Posted 23/08/2017
Olshewsky, Thomas (1988). Peirce and Recent Realism
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
De Regt, Herman C. (1999). Peirce's Pragmatism, Scientific Realism, and the Problem of Underdetermination
Discusses the views of philosopher Charles Peirce on pragmatism, scientific realism and the problem of underdetermination. Details on Peirce's notion of abduction and its relation to scientific...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Scheffler, Israel (1999). A Plea for Plurealism
Focuses on the issue of plurealism, both realistic and pluralist in philosophy. Influences of philosophers Charles Peirce and Nelson Goodman; Discussion on the fundamental hypothesis of the method of...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Hausman, Carl L. (2002). Charles Peirce's Evolutionary Realism as a Process Philosophy
Focuses on Charles Peirce's evolutionary realism. Information on the twofold object of inquiry; Functions of the dynamical object.
Article in Journal | Posted 27/02/2016
Mayorga, Rosa (2004). The Hair: On the Difference between Peirce's Nominalism and His Realism
Discusses the difference between the realism thinking of philosophers Charles S. Peirce and Duns Scotus. Shifts on the thoughts of Peirce on Scotus' realism; Arguments on the stance of Peirce on...
Article in Journal | Posted 27/02/2016
Lane, Robert (2004). On Peirce's Early Realism
Addresses the anti-realist approach about generals and the intellectual development of scholar Charles Peirce. Attributes of realism and nominalism; Definition of scholastic realism; Discussion on...