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Article in Journal | Posted 28/08/2018
Fabbrichesi, Rossella (2018). Semiotics and the Something: A Pragmatist Perspective on the Debate on Realism
My intention in this paper is to contribute the debate on “realism” in order to raise a different sort of question: not whether ‘reality’ exists or does not exist, but rather what effects does the...
Article in Journal | Posted 28/08/2018
Auxier, Randall E. (2018). Eco, Peirce, and the Pragmatic Theory of Signs
This paper aims to consider Peirce and Eco’s approach to signs and semiotics in order to assess their relation to Peirce’s mature pragmatism. Both thinkers attempted to set out a truly general theory...
Article in Journal | Posted 28/08/2018
Bellucci, Francesco (2018). Eco and Peirce on Abduction
This paper argues that Umberto Eco had a sophisticated theory of abductive reasoning and that this theory is fundamentally akin to Peirce’s both in the analysis and in the justification of this kind...
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 19/12/2012
Wirth, Uwe: "Abductive Inference and Literary Theory – Pragmatism, Hermeneutics and Semiotics"

In Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (1986) Eco points out that the task of Semiotics is to figure out the relationship between explicit interpretation and implicit intuition. The...