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Article in Journal | Posted 04/12/2018
Pearce, Trevor (2018). "Protoplasm Feels": The Role of Physiology in Charles Sanders Peirce’s Evolutionary Metaphysics
This essay is an attempt to explain why Charles Sanders Peirce’s evolutionary metaphysics would not have seemed strange to its original 1890s audience. Building on the pioneering work of Andrew...
Article in Journal | Posted 05/10/2018
Hartshorne, Charles (1941). Charles Sanders Peirce's Metaphysics of Evolution
Dictionary Entry | Posted 15/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

Metaphysics is still more special [compared to normative science], only considering the phenomenon in so far as it is a sign of what is real. [—] [U]nder the head of...

Monograph | Posted 28/01/2018
Ibri, Ivo A. (2017). Kósmos Noetós: The Metaphysical Architecture of Charles S. Peirce
News | Posted 06/01/2018
Model-based Reasoning in Science and Technology. Inferential Models for Logic, Language, Cognition and Computation

The conference will deal with the logical, epistemological, and cognitive aspects of modeling practices employed in science, technology, and cognitive science, including logical and computational...

Article in Journal | Posted 24/09/2017
Reynolds, Andrew (1996). Peirce's Cosmology and the Laws of Thermodynamics
Discusses the relationship between the evolutionary cosmology theory of philosopher Charles Peirce and the first two laws of thermodynamics. Means to increase the amount of order and complexity in...
Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Hookway, Christopher (1997). Design and Chance: the Evolution of Peirce's Evolutionary Cosmology
Outlines metaphysical program which Charles Peirce developed in a series of papers between 1890 and 1893. Interest of Peirce in metaphysics; State of metaphysics and its prospects; Themes in the...
Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Sfendoni-Mentzou, Demetra (1997). Peirce on Continuity and Laws of Nature
Focuses on philosopher Charles S. Peirce's internal structure of the doctrine of Synechism and the role it plays in his account of laws of nature. Description of continuity according to Peirce;...
Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Christiansen, Peder V. (1997). Peirce and Modern Cosmology: Attractors and Broken Symmetry
Examines the relationship between the ideas of metaphysics and cosmology of Charles S. Peirce with his semiotics. Explanation on the metaphysical idea of final causality; Relevance of his...
Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Wells, Kelley J. (1997). The Thermodynamic Metaphor, Overdetermination and Peirce's Commitment to Realism
Examines the methodological and metaphysical principles behind the pragmatic methodology and the methaphysical claims of philosopher Charles S. Peirce. Elaboration on the nature of his realism;...
Article in Journal | Posted 17/08/2017
Howat, Andrew (2014). Peirce on Grounding the Laws of Logic
This paper is a contribution to the long-standing debate over the coherence of Charles Sanders Peirce's overall system of philosophy. It approaches that issue through the lens of a contemporary...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/05/2017
Giladi, Paul (2017). Battling for Metaphysics: The Case for Indispensability
The aim of this paper is to propose that both Hegel and Peirce are committed to two arguments against the notion that metaphysics is impossible, where not only do they claim metaphysics is possible,...
Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/08/2016
Quote from "Reason's Conscience: A Practical Treatise on the Theory of Discovery; Wherein logic is conceived as Semeiotic"

Metaphysics is that branch of philosophy which inquires into what is real, that is, what has anything true of it regardless of whether anybody thinks it is true or...

Article in Journal | Posted 02/08/2016
Viana, Wellistony C. (2014). A metafísica de C. S. Peirce: do pragmatismo ao idealismo objetivo
Charles Sanders Peirce is well known for his Semiotics, but little known for his Metaphysics. This paper intends to follow the author's passage from Pragmatism to Objective Idealism. Metaphysics...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/03/2016
Champagne, Marc (2015). A less simplistic metaphysics: Peirce's layered theory of meaning as a layered theory of being
This article builds on C. S. Peirce's suggestive blueprint for an inclusive outlook that grants reality to his three categories. Moving away from the usual focus on (contentious) cosmological...
Article in Journal | Posted 27/02/2016
Levine, Steven M. (2004). The Logical Method of Metaphysics: Peirce's Meta-Critique of Kant's Critical Philosophy
Discusses the interpretation by philosopher Charles E. Peirce of Immanuel Kant's philosophy on metaphysics. Premises on the thought of Pierce on metaphysics; Rejection of the philosophy of Kant...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
De Waal, Cornelis (2005). Why Metaphysics Needs Logic and Mathematics Doesn't: Mathematics, Logic, and Metaphysics in Peirce's Classification of the Sciences
Discusses the difference between mathematics and metaphysics regarding their relation to logic. Examination of Auguste Comte's classification of sciences; Comparison of Comte's...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Haack, Susan (2005). Not Cynicism, but Synechism: Lessons from Classical Pragmatism
Traces the synechism of the classical pragmatist tradition. Description of synechism; Overview of the metaphysical paper "The Law of Mind," to which the synechistic idea of physicist...
Article in Journal | Posted 19/01/2016
Forster, Paul (1997). Kant, Boole and Peirce's Early Metaphysics
Monograph | Posted 19/01/2016
Rosenthal, Sandra B. (1994). Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism