Keyword: Poetry

Article in Journal | Posted 18/01/2016
Colapietro, Vincent M. (2004). Striving to Speak in a Human Voice: A Peircean Contribution to Metaphysical Discourse
Article in Journal | Posted 26/08/2015
Wheeler, Wendy (2014). A Connoisseur of Magical Coincidences: Chance, Creativity and Poiesis from a Biosemiotic Perspective
Semiotics, in the guise of the limited Saussurean semiology, has been widely used in the humanities and in cultural studies for the past 20 to 30 years at least. With the advent, nearly 20 years ago...
Monograph | Posted 27/11/2014
Case, Kristen (2011). American Pragmatism and Poetic Practice: Crosscurrents from Emerson to Susan Howe
Article in Journal | Posted 31/10/2014
Anderson, Douglas R. (2014). Getting Over the Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry
Athenian culture, including the likes of Plato and Aristophanes, set poetry and philosophy at odds. The quarrel between the two has remained at the core of western philosophical practices into the...