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News | Posted 12/11/2018
19th Annual Gathering in Biosemiotics

The Organizing Committee of the 19th Gathering in Biosemiotics is pleased to invite scholars to submit abstracts on the meaning-making processes (semiosis) in living systems.


News | Posted 16/01/2018
18th Annual Biosemiotics Gathering

The Scientific Advisory Committee of the 18th Gathering in Biosemiotics is pleased to invite scholars to submit abstracts on the fundamental mechanisms of meaning-making (semiosis) in living...

Article in Journal | Posted 26/08/2015
Wheeler, Wendy (2014). A Connoisseur of Magical Coincidences: Chance, Creativity and Poiesis from a Biosemiotic Perspective
Semiotics, in the guise of the limited Saussurean semiology, has been widely used in the humanities and in cultural studies for the past 20 to 30 years at least. With the advent, nearly 20 years ago...
Article in Journal | Posted 23/11/2014
Brier, Søren (2012). What Does it Take to Produce Interpretation? Informational, Peircean and Code-Semiotic Views on Biosemiotics
This paper presents a critical analysis of code-semiotics, which we see as the latest attempt to create paradigmatic foundation for solving the question of the emergence of life and consciousness. We...
Monograph | Posted 03/11/2014
Brier, Søren (2008). Cybersemiotics: Why Information Is Not Enough

A growing field of inquiry, biosemiotics is a theory of cognition and communication that unites the living and the cultural world. What is missing from this theory, however, is the unification of...

Link | Posted 16/04/2014

The journal Biosemiotics provides a platform for exceptional peer-reviewed papers that is as broad as the rapidly growing discipline for which it is named. Its coverage spans a range of...

News | Posted 17/09/2013
Peirce and Biosemiotics: A Guess at the Riddle of Life

Edited by Vinicius Romanini and Eliseo Fernández. Published by Springer (December 24, 2013)

This volume discusses the importance of Peirce´s philosophy and theory of signs to the...

Article in Edited Collection | Posted 22/12/2012
Queiroz, Joao, Emmeche, Claus, Kull, Kalevi, El-Hani, Charbel (2011). The Biosemiotic Approach in Biology: Theoretical Bases and Applied Models. In: Information And Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives
Biosemiotics is a growing field that investigates semiotic processes in the living realm, addressing meaning, signification, communication, and habit formation in living systems, and the...
Article in Edited Collection | Posted 22/12/2012
Queiroz, Joao (2012). Complexification. In: A More Developed Sign -- Interpreting the Work of Jesper Hoffmeyer
There is almost a consensus that complexity has increased in information living systems, giving rise to symbolicity, grammar, syntactic recursiveness, etc. However, the processes behind the...
Edited Collection | Posted 21/12/2012
Farias, Priscilla, Queiroz, Joao (2006). Advanced Issues on Cognitive Science and Semiotics