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News | Posted 07/01/2019
Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence

Call for Papers for Special Issue of European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

“Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence”

Guest Editors: Guido Baggio (Roma Tre University)...

Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Queiroz, João, El-hani, Charbel N. (2006). Semiosis as an Emergent Process
The article discusses if and in what sense semiosis can be regarded as an emergent process in semiotic systems. It discusses the conditions which should be fulfilled for semiosis to be characterized...
Article in Journal | Posted 26/08/2015
van Hateren, J. H. (2015). The Natural Emergence of (Bio)Semiosic Phenomena
Biological organisms appear to have agency, goals, and meaningful behaviour. One possibility is that this is mere appearance, where such properties are not real, but only ‘as if’ consequences of the...
Article in Journal | Posted 23/11/2014
Brier, Søren (2012). What Does it Take to Produce Interpretation? Informational, Peircean and Code-Semiotic Views on Biosemiotics
This paper presents a critical analysis of code-semiotics, which we see as the latest attempt to create paradigmatic foundation for solving the question of the emergence of life and consciousness. We...
Article in Edited Collection | Posted 27/12/2012
Loula, Angelo, Gudwin, Ricardo, Ribeiro, Sidarta, Queiroz, Joao (2010). On Building Meaning: A Biologically-Inspired Experiment on Symbol-Based Communication . In: Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
The use of an appropriate set of empirical and theoretical constraints to guide the construction of synthetic experiments leads to a better understanding of the natural phenomena under study, and...
Article in Journal | Posted 25/12/2012
Loula, Angelo, Gudwin, Ricardo, El-Hani, Charbel, Queiroz, Joao (2010). The Emergence of Self-organized Symbol Based Communication in Artificial Creatures
In this paper, we describe a digital scenario where we simulated the emergence of self-organized symbol-based communication among artificial creatures inhabiting a virtual world of unpredictable...
Article in Journal | Posted 20/12/2012
Queiroz, Joao, El-Hani, Charbel (2012). Downward Determination in Semiotic Multi-level Systems
Peirce's pragmatic notion of semiosis can be described in terms of a multi-level system of constraints involving chance, efficient, formal and final causation. According to the model proposed...