18th Annual Biosemiotics Gathering

Academic Meeting
18th Annual Biosemiotics Gathering

The Scientific Advisory Committee of the 18th Gathering in Biosemiotics is pleased to invite scholars to submit abstracts on the fundamental mechanisms of meaning-making (semiosis) in living systems
Biosemiotics is, in the words of Jesper Hoffmeyer, “the signs of life and the life of signs.” As an interdisciplinary field, it emerged from the semiotics of Charles S. Peirce, and the theoretical biology of Jakob von Uexküll. It was finally distilled by Thomas Sebeok and many others. This Gathering, now in its eighteenth year, occurs under the auspices of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies.
Biosemioticians are biologists, philosophers, anthropologists, linguists, chemists, physical scientists, social scientists, humanities scholars, and more. We take a big tent approach to the field, and welcome thoughtful submissions based in any relevant discipline.

We particularly welcome research in the following fields and areas:
· Biosemiotic approaches to biology
· Biology utilizing biosemiotics
· Biosemiotics and ethology/phytology/ mycology/zoösemiotics/microsemiotics
· The implications of biosemiotics to philosophy and humanities
· History and epistemology of biosemiotics
· Extended synthesis
· Semiotic approaches in theoretical biology
· Ontogeny of semiotic mechanisms
· Habits, codes and learning
· Typologies of semiosis and semiotic networks
· Modelling of semiosis
· Evolutionary anthropology & biosemiotics
· Methodology of biosemiotic research
· Umwelt research · Biophenomenology
· Cognitive semiotics of nonhumans
· Evolution of semiosis
· Semiotic fundamentals of epigenetics and systems biology
· Semiotic thresholds
· Biosemiotics of health and disease
· Endosemiotics
· Interspecies semiosis
· Experimental biosemiotics
· Teaching biosemiotics
· Ecosemiotics

Abstracts should be 300-600 words, in a standard word processing format and font size. One to three references (in Vancouver superscript) are permitted. Abstracts should be submitted as single-space, single page files to the following address:
biosemiotics2018 [at] and received no later than January 22, 2018. Please name the abstract file with the author’s (your) surname in capital letters, for instance SEBEOK.doc. Additional information about the Gathering can be found at

Notification of acceptance date: February 28, 2018

Meeting: June 17, 2018 (All day) to June 20, 2018 (All day)
Call for Papers: January 22, 2018 (All day)
Berkeley, California
Jan 16, 2018, 00:16 by Mats Bergman