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Article in Edited Collection | Posted 14/02/2018
Ambrosio, Chiara (2013). Iconic Representations, Creativity and Discovery in Art and Science. In: Creativity, Innovation, and Complexity in Science
Article in Journal | Posted 29/12/2015
Lefebvre, Martin (2007). Peirce's Esthetics: A Taste for Signs in Art
The article examines the philosophy of thinker Charles Peirce on aesthetics and its role as a normative science. Normative sciences, according to Peirce, seek to examine the conditions of possibility...
Manuscript | Posted 12/05/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1905-06 [c.]). Chapter III. The Nature of Logical Inquiry. MS [R] 606

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [1905-06?], pp. 1-29, with 2 pp. of variants.
“Maiotic” method of Socrates. The Athenian Schools and the emergence of Aristotle. Why the logical...

Article in Journal | Posted 31/10/2014
Anderson, Douglas R. (2014). Getting Over the Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry
Athenian culture, including the likes of Plato and Aristophanes, set poetry and philosophy at odds. The quarrel between the two has remained at the core of western philosophical practices into the...
News | Posted 14/05/2014
Practicing Pragmatist Aesthetics: Critical Perspectives on the Arts

This is the first collection in English devoted exclusively to pragmatist aesthetics. Its main aim is to employ the resources of that rich and exciting tradition in studying artistic phenomena...