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Link | Posted 05/08/2012
Centro de Estudos de Pragmatismo

The Center for Pragmatism Studies (CPS) of the Philosophy Graduate Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, established in 1998. The CPS maintains an intensive international...

News | Posted 08/07/2012
40th annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

Theme: American Philosophy and Cosmopolitanism. Papers in all areas of American philosophy are welcome.

Article in Journal | Posted 19/06/2012
Bergman, Mats (2011). Beyond the Interaction Paradigm? Radical Constructivism, Universal Pragmatics, and Peircean Pragmatism
News | Posted 12/06/2012
Anderson and Hausman: "Conversations on Peirce: Reals and Ideals"

The book is a collection of chapters on the work of Charles S. Peirce that grew out of conversations between the authors over the last decade and a half. The chapters focus primarily on Peirce’s...

Link | Posted 12/06/2012
European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

EJPAP publishes articles which explore the American tradition in philosophy, with a special focus on pragmatism and on the relationships of pragmatism to the European tradition. Both historically...