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Encyclopedia Article | Posted 22/12/2012
Rosenthal, Sandra: "Categories, Pragmatism, and Experimental Method"

Peirce’s method of categorial development reveals the experimental nature of phenomenology, of metaphysics, and of the relation between their respective claims. The phenomenological categories of...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 21/12/2012
Chiasson, Phyllis: "The Role of Optimism in Abduction"

Optimism may not seem like a topic with which good scientific minds need bother themselves. After all, it would seem that neither optimism nor pessimism should have anything to do with the neutral...

Edited Collection | Posted 21/12/2012
Farias, Priscilla, Queiroz, Joao (2006). Advanced Issues on Cognitive Science and Semiotics
Edited Collection | Posted 21/12/2012
Queiroz, Joao, Merrell, Floyd (2005). Abduction: Between Subjectivity and Objectivity
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 20/12/2012
Chiasson, Phyllis: "Peirce’s Logic of Vagueness"

Peirce’s “logic of vagueness” asserts that vagueness (which can never be completely done away with) can have the paradoxical effect of “entirely destroying doubt.” Yet the ability to engage...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 20/12/2012
Wirth, Uwe: "Abductive Reasoning and Language Philosophy: Peirce's and Davidson's Account of Interpretation"

The Peircean idea of interpretation as an inferential process of hypothesis adoption reveals a suprising anticipation of the account of interpretation deployed by Davidson in his article “A nice...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/12/2012
Quote from "Lessons of the History of Science"

There are in science three fundamentally different kinds of reasoning, Deduction (called by Aristotle {synagögé} or {anagögé}), Induction (Aristotle’s and Plato’s {epagögé}) and Retroduction (...

Manuscript | Posted 19/12/2012
Peirce, Charles S. (1896 [c.]). Lessons of the History of Science. MS [R] 1288

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., G-c. 1896-3 [sup(2)G-c.1896-3], pp. 1-47.
Published, in part, as 1.43-125. Unpublished: on blocking the path of inquiry; Ockham’s maxim and...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 19/12/2012
Merrell, Floyd: "Abducting Abduction: Dejá Vu One More Time?"

Abduction, the overlooked dimension of the semiosic process, is with us in our everyday activities, whether we know it or not. Interrelated and intermeshed with practical, concrete consequences of...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/12/2012
Quote from "Hume's Argument against Miracles, and the Idea of Natural Law (Hume)"

Inference is any act of deliberate assent, in any degree, however slight, which a man accords to a proposition because he thinks that assent warranted by his already accorded assent to...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 19/12/2012
Wirth, Uwe: "Abductive Inference and Literary Theory – Pragmatism, Hermeneutics and Semiotics"

In Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (1986) Eco points out that the task of Semiotics is to figure out the relationship between explicit interpretation and implicit intuition. The...

Monograph | Posted 19/12/2012
Paavola, Sami (2012). On the Origin of Ideas. An Abductivist Approach to Discovery. Revised and enlarged edition

In "On the Origin of Ideas" various forms of abduction are analyzed as means of conceptualizing processes of discovery. Abductive detective methodology is developed further by emphasizing...

Article in Journal | Posted 19/12/2012
Paavola, Sami (2005). Peircean Abduction: Instinct or Inference?
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 19/12/2012
Wirth, Uwe: "Abduction, Wit, Stupidity – from Peirce to Freud"

According to Kant, human stupidity reveals, a lack of “power of judgement”, or as Peirce might say, a lack of abductive competence that confuses the relevant and the irrelevant. Peirce anticipated...

Article in Journal | Posted 19/12/2012
Paavola, Sami (2004). Abduction through Grammar, Critic, and Methodeutic
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 19/12/2012
Kapitan, Tomis: "Abduction as Practical Inference"

According to C. S. Peirce, abduction is a rational attempt to locate an explanation for a puzzling phenomenon, where this is a process that includes both generating explanatory hypotheses and...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 17/12/2012
Chiasson, Phyllis: "Abduction as an Aspect of Retroduction"

One of the most intriguing mysteries in American philosophy falls under the question: “Just what does Charles Sanders Peirce’s concept of abductive reasoning comprise?” Peirce used the terms “...