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Article in Journal | Posted 17/04/2017
Bellucci, Francesco, Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko (2016). From Mitchell to Carus: Fourteen Years of Logical Graphs in the Making
We analyze the steps that took Peirce from his early 1882 proposals to represent logic by graphs to the advent of the full theory of quantification in his 1896 logic of Existential Graphs.
Manuscript | Posted 19/12/2012
Peirce, Charles S. (1896 [c.]). Lessons of the History of Science. MS [R] 1288

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., G-c. 1896-3 [sup(2)G-c.1896-3], pp. 1-47.
Published, in part, as 1.43-125. Unpublished: on blocking the path of inquiry; Ockham’s maxim and...