Principle of Contradiction

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Article in Journal | Posted 16/09/2017
Lane, Robert (1997). Peirce's "Entanglement" with the Principles of Excluded Middle and Contradiction
Looks at the claims made by philosopher Charles S. Peirce about the principle of excluded middle and the principle of contradiction. Types of object-indeterminacy; Forms of each of Law of Excluded...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Lane, Robert (1999). Peirce's Triadic Logic Revisited
Discusses the views of philosopher Charles Peirce on a three-valued system of formal logic. Details on the triadic experiments of Peirce; Details of Peirce's triadic logic; Claims of Peirce...
Manuscript | Posted 08/01/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1903). CSP's Lowell Lectures of 1903. Introduction to Lecture 5. MS [R] 468

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., notebook, n.p., December 4, 1903, pp. 1-9.
Gamma part of graphs continued (but quickly abandoned). Graphs of logical principles. Beta part.

Manuscript | Posted 25/11/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1903). C.S.P.'s Lowell Lectures of 1903 2nd Draught of 3rd Lecture. MS [R] 462

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., October 5, 1903, pp. 2-88 (pagination by even numbers only), incomplete.
Alpha part of existential graphs: permissible operations. The Beta part....

Manuscript | Posted 15/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1904). Second Definition of Ordinals [R]. MS [R] 45

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [1904], pp. 4-6; 19-22; and 1 p. (the number of which is missing).
Parenthetically: “As for the whole existing race of philosophers, say John...

Manuscript | Posted 09/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1897 [c.]). On Multitude. MS [R] 26
Manuscript | Posted 01/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1896). On the Logic of Quantity. MS [R] 13

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [c.1895], pp. 1-13; 7-12, with an alternative p. 8 of another draft.
The principal questions raised are these: Why mathematics always deals with a...