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Article in Journal | Posted 10/01/2018
Dempster, Wesley (2016). Pragmatism, Democracy, and the Plural Self
This article offers a pragmatist conception of multiplicitous subjectivity that captures the best features of Richard Rorty’s private ironist and John Dewey’s social self while rejecting anti-...
Article in Edited Collection | Posted 05/09/2017
Semetsky, Inna (2017). The Embodied Mind: Education as the Transformation of Habits. In: Edusemiotics - A Handbook
Mind as embodied in nature—in contrast to the human mind and natural world being considered binary categories as separate Cartesian substances that oppose each other—is a feature of edusemiotics....
Article in Journal | Posted 22/12/2016
Bergman, Mats (2016). Melioristic inquiry and critical habits: Pragmatism and the ends of communication research
In communication theory, the distinctive contribution of pragmatism is often construed in terms of providing a comprehensive orientation to inquiry. In this article, I argue that this appropriation,...
Article in Journal | Posted 10/07/2016
Burgh, Gilbert, Thornton, Simone (2016). Inoculation against Wonder: Finding an antidote in Camus, pragmatism and the community of inquiry
In this paper,we will explore how Albert Camus has much to offer philosophers of education. Although a number of educationalists have attempted to explicate the educational implications of Camus’...
Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Kitcher, Philip (2015). Pragmatism and Progress
I distinguish two concepts of progress. One of them is teleological: we make progress by decreasing our distance from a goal. The other, I suggest, is pragmatic: progress consists in overcoming some...
Article in Journal | Posted 19/01/2016
Goudge, Thomas A. (1936). Further Reflections on Peirce's Doctrine of the Given
News | Posted 18/11/2015
Science and Values in Peirce and Dewey: A Conference in Honour of Angus Kerr-Lawson

Keynote speaker: Catherine Legg, Waikato University (New Zealand)
Plenary speaker: Heather Douglas, University of Waterloo (Canada)

This conference will bring together scholars at the...

Article in Journal | Posted 17/11/2014
Rogers, Melvin L. (2009). Dewey, Pluralism, and Democracy: A Response to Robert Talisse
The article focuses on the book "A Pragmatist Philosophy of Democracy" by Robert Talisse and its belief concerning pluralism and Deweyan democracy. It states that Talisse's belief that...
Manuscript | Posted 15/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1904). Second Definition of Ordinals [R]. MS [R] 45

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [1904], pp. 4-6; 19-22; and 1 p. (the number of which is missing).
Parenthetically: “As for the whole existing race of philosophers, say John...