Logical Possibility   

Logical Possibility

Digital Companion to C. S. Peirce
Logical Possibility
1901-1902 [c.] | Definitions for Baldwin's Dictionary [R] | MS [R] 1147

Logical possibility is freedom from self-contradiction, explicit or implicit. Thus, a space of four dimensions is logically possible.

1902 | Possibility, Impossibility, and Possible | DPP 2:315; CP 6.371

Logical possibility: that of a hypothesis not involving any self-contradiction.

1902 | Logical | DPP 2:27; CP 2.538

Logical possibility is, according to usage, freedom from all contradiction, explicit or implicit; and any attempt to reform the inaccuracy would only bring confusion.

1902 [c.] | Reason's Rules | MS [R] 599:36

Logical possibility refers to a state of information in which nothing would be known of positive facts, except so much as is necessary to know the meanings of words and sentences.