Formal Logic   

Formal Logic

Digital Companion to C. S. Peirce
Formal Logic
1902 | Material Logic | DPP 2:44; CP 2.549

Formal logic classifies arguments by producing forms in which, the letters of the alphabet being replaced by any terms whatever, the result will be a valid, probable, or sophistic argument, as the case may be…

1902 | Minute Logic: Chapter III. The Simplest Mathematics | CP 4.240

Mathematical logic is formal logic. Formal logic, however developed, is mathematics. Formal logic, however, is by no means the whole of logic, or even its principal part. It is hardly to be reckoned as a part of logic proper.

nd | Philosophy in the Light of the Logic of Relatives | MS [R] 1336:11

Formal logic is mathematics; it is the most abstract branch of mathematics. But no other logic is called for in pure mathematics.