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News | Posted 26/06/2014
Special Issue on Peirce and the Cenoscopic Science of Signs

The American Journal of Semiotics Vol. 30, Issue 1/2, 2014

1.Priscila Borges, Experience and Cognition in Peirce’s Semiotics
2. Garnet C. Butchart, Haunting Past Images...

Working Paper | Posted 13/06/2014
Bergman, Mats (2014). Capturing Cerberus: The Rhetorical Path to General Semiotics

Peirce’s “sop to Cerberus” - the inclusion of a human ingredient in the general conception of the sign - has mostly been interpreted as a momentary lapse. Peirce certainly regretted the need for...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 04/05/2014
Merrell, Floyd: "Semiotics and Literary Studies"

Saussurean semiology came into its own during the 1950s and 1960s, and in the 1970s it began giving ground to the exceedingly more inclusive semiotic concept of the sign developed by Charles S....

Monograph | Posted 30/04/2014
de Waal, Cornelis (2013). Peirce: A Guide for the Perplexed

Peirce: A Guide for the Perplexed is a clear and thorough account of Peirce's life and thought, his major works and ideas, providing an ideal guide to this important and complex thinker. The book...

Link | Posted 23/04/2014
Semiotics, Communication and Cognition

The series focuses on the state of contemporary semiotics and its current applications. It is intended to produce a number of concise interventions in semiotics, by which is meant studies of...

Link | Posted 23/04/2014
Toronto Studies in Semiotics and Communication

Semiotics is an interpretative science that provides powerful analytical tools for the study of our perception of reality. In recognition of semiotics’ interdisciplinary nature, this series...

Link | Posted 17/04/2014
Semiotics Encyclopedia Online
Link | Posted 17/04/2014
International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems (IJSSS)

The International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems (IJSSS) combines interdisciplinary approaches on theoretical, empirical, formal, and computational research that contributes to the design...

Link | Posted 17/04/2014
Social Semiotics

Social Semiotics deals with the study of communicational resources and practices through words, images, behaviours, settings, sounds, design, etc, and the way these are connected to the...

Link | Posted 17/04/2014
SIGNS - International Journal of Semiotics

Signs is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal on the semiotics of mind, consciousness, language and culture as well as living and inanimate nature, and possible connections between ...

Link | Posted 17/04/2014
Public Journal of Semiotics

The Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS) is a non-profit organization aiming to publish original research articles in domains relating to semiotics: the systematic study of meaning. It welcomes...

Link | Posted 17/04/2014
Centro Internazionale di Scienze Semiotiche
Link | Posted 17/04/2014
Associazione Italiana Studi Semiotici

The Italian association for semiotic studies

Link | Posted 16/04/2014
Cognitive Semiotics

Cognitive Semiotics is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal devoted to high-quality research, integrating perspectives, methods and insight from cognitive science, cognitive linguistics and...

Link | Posted 16/04/2014
Sign Systems Studies

Starting from 1998, Sign Systems Studies is published as an international peer-reviewed journal on the semiotics of culture and nature. Issued regularly, one volume per year, it is indexed in...

Link | Posted 16/04/2014

The journal Biosemiotics provides a platform for exceptional peer-reviewed papers that is as broad as the rapidly growing discipline for which it is named. Its coverage spans a range of...

News | Posted 17/01/2014
First International Association for Cognitive Semiotics Conference, IACS-2014

Theme: Establishing Cognitive Semiotics

Over the past two decades or so, a number of researchers from semiotics, linguistics, cognitive science and related fields, from several European and...

Link | Posted 19/08/2013

The Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies.

Link | Posted 21/03/2013
International Association for Semiotic Studies

The International Association for Semiotic Studies — Association Internationale de Sémiotique IASS-AIS was founded in 1969 and is the world organization in semiotics. The IASS-AIS has both...

Article in Journal | Posted 25/12/2012
Loula, Angelo, Gudwin, Ricardo, El-Hani, Charbel, Queiroz, Joao (2010). The Emergence of Self-organized Symbol Based Communication in Artificial Creatures
In this paper, we describe a digital scenario where we simulated the emergence of self-organized symbol-based communication among artificial creatures inhabiting a virtual world of unpredictable...