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Edited Collection | Posted 19/01/2016
Muller, John, Brent, Joseph (2000). Peirce, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis
Monograph | Posted 19/01/2016
Johansen, Jørgen D. (1993). Dialogic Semiosis: An Essay on Signs and Meaning
Monograph | Posted 19/01/2016
Ojala, Juha (2009). Space in Musical Semiosis: An Abductive Theory of the Musical Composition Process
News | Posted 25/09/2015
Special issue of Punctum on Art as Concept and Institution

Art as Concept and Institution: History and Semiotics of an evolving category
Special issue of Punctum, the International Journal of Semiotics of the Hellenic...

Article in Journal | Posted 26/08/2015
van Hateren, J. H. (2015). The Natural Emergence of (Bio)Semiosic Phenomena
Biological organisms appear to have agency, goals, and meaningful behaviour. One possibility is that this is mere appearance, where such properties are not real, but only ‘as if’ consequences of the...
News | Posted 26/08/2015
EBICC 2015: 10th International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Science

The central theme of EBICC-2015 is Situated Embodied Cognition - Information and Autonomous Action, and focuses on questions concerning the role of the informational coupling between the cognitive...

News | Posted 29/04/2015
PhD program in 'Philosophy, Science, Cognition and Semiotics'

Call for applications for the PhD program of the University of Bologna "Philosophy, Science, Cognition and Semiotics"

Duration: 3 years
Positions and scholarships: 5 positions, of...

News | Posted 26/04/2015
International Symposium on Cultural and Communication Semiotics

The Second Call for Papers

There are twelve Round Tables on various topics in different fields of semiotic and media studies. Please contact the secretary of the RT you would like to choose...

News | Posted 26/02/2015
Evolutionary Love: Relations and Identities in a Virtual World

The Semiotic Society of America
40th Annual Meeting

Charles Sanders Peirce’s concept of evolutionary love is behind the theme of this year’s conference, which prompts an exploration...

News | Posted 16/12/2014
Special Issue on 'Commemorating Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914): Interpretive Semiotics and Mass Media'

Special commemorative issue of the on-line-journal Ocula has been published.

Article in Journal | Posted 23/11/2014
Ostdiek, Gerald (2014). The Manufacture of Chance: Firstness as a Fixture of Life
Whereas Peirce’s logic (and belief therein) drove him to postulate a primitive sentiency of physical matter, this essay argues that life exhibits behavior that is radically discontinuous from its...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/11/2014
Kralemann, Björn, Lattmann, Claas (2013). Models as Icons: Modeling Models in the Semiotic Framework of Peirce’s Theory of Signs
In this paper, we try to shed light on the ontological puzzle pertaining to models and to contribute to a better understanding of what models are. Our suggestion is that models should be regarded...
Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Petrov, Petre (2013). Mixing signs and bones: John Deely's case for global semiosis
The article develops a critique of John Deely's ontological realism, specifically in its relevance for the project of global semiotics. Deely, whose theorizations rely heavily on the pre-modern...
Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Radford, Luis (2009). Diagrammatic Thinking: Notes On Peirce's Semiotics and Epistemology
In this paper, I discuss the role of diagrammatic thinking within the larger context of cognitive activity as framed by Peirce's semiotic theory of and its underpinning realistic ontology. After...
Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Nöth, Winfried (2010). The Criterion of Habit in Peirce's Definitions of the Symbol
The article discusses American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce and his theory of the symbol. How Peirce's theory of the symbol relates to the concept of habit is examined. The author states...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Borges, Priscila (2013). Tracing signs of a developing science: On the correspondence between Victoria Lady Welby and Charles S. Peirce
The correspondence between Victoria Lady Welby and Charles Sanders Peirce started in 1903 when Welby sent Peirce her book What is meaning?, and continued with the exchange of letters about language...
Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Freadman, Anne (2004). The Machinery of Talk: Charles Peirce and the Sign Hypothesis

This radical reevaluation of one of the foundational figures of semiotics presents Peirce as the theorist of the "machinery of talk" rather than of the mind and its contents. The book is a...

Monograph | Posted 29/07/2014
Jappy, Tony (2013). Introduction to Peircean Visual Semiotics

Contemporary culture is as much visual as literary. This book explores an approach to the communicative power of the pictorial and multimodal documents that make up this visual culture, using...

News | Posted 27/06/2014
100 Years of Modern Semiotics: Limits and Perspectives on Peirce’s Theory of Signs

The international conference is held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the founder of modern semiotics C. S. Peirce. The general topic of the conference...

Link | Posted 26/06/2014
The American Journal of Semiotics

The American Journal of Semiotics is a peer-reviewed research publication with an interdisciplinary focus on the general subject of signs and sign systems. The journal explores all communication...