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Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Cumming, Naomi (1999). Musical Signs and Subjectivity: Peircean Reflections
Deals with the reflections of philosopher Charles Peirce on musical signs and subjectivity. Presentation of intuition as an independent faculty; Discussion on problems concerning the application of...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Whelden, Roy (2000). The Origins and Use of the Theory of Relations: Peirce, DeMorgan and Music Analysis
Compares the initial works of Augustus DeMorgan and Charles Peirce on relation theory. Significance of Boolean algebra; Information on Peirce's notion of relative logarithms.
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Kruse, Felicia (2005). Emotion in Musical Meaning: A Peircean Solution to Langer's Dualism
The article discusses the concept of musical meaning. The controversy sparked by Viennese music critic Eduard Hanslick on the meaning of music is discussed in this paper. Moreover, the role of...
Monograph | Posted 19/01/2016
Ojala, Juha (2009). Space in Musical Semiosis: An Abductive Theory of the Musical Composition Process
Article in Journal | Posted 02/01/2016
Rumph, Stephen (2015). Fauré and the Effable: Theatricality, Reflection, and Semiosis in the mélodies
Gabriel Fauré play's a leading role in Vladimir Jankelevitch's influential critique of musical hermeneutics, La musique et I'ineffable (1961). For the French philosopher, Fauré's...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/12/2015
Kruse, Felicia E. (2007). Is Music a Pure Icon?
The article reviews the book "Peirce's Theory of Signs," by T. L. Short.