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Article in Journal | Posted 29/11/2014
Akhtar, Junaid, Koshul, Basit B., Awais, Mian M. (2013). A framework for evolutionary algorithms based on Charles Sanders Peirce’s evolutionary semiotics
One of the objectives of Evolutionary Computation (EC) has been to understand the processes of natural evolution and then model them algorithmically. Hans-Paul Schwefel, in his 1997 paper on the...
Manuscript | Posted 26/11/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1909). Meaning Preface. MS [R] 637

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., October 3-13, 1909, pp. 9-36, 27-30, 28-29, 31-36.
Tendency to guess right (but not necessarily on the first guess). Pure logic supports the...

Article in Journal | Posted 25/11/2014
Atkin, Albert (2008). Peirce's Final Account of Signs and The Philosophy of Language
The article discusses the relationship of Charles S. Peirce's semiotics with the existing philosophy of language established by contemporary philosophers including David Lewis, Helmut Pape, and...
Monograph | Posted 03/11/2014
Bergman, Mats (2000). Meaning and Mediation: Toward a Communicative Interpretation of Peirce's Theory of Signs
Monograph | Posted 03/11/2014
Parker, Kelly A. (1998). The Continuity of Peirce's Thought

A comprehensive and systematic reconstruction of the philosophy of Charles S. Peirce, perhaps America's most far-ranging and original philosopher, which reveals the unity of his complex and...

Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Linde, Gesche (2013). Religion and Rationality: A Semeiotic Approach
The article argues that, contrary to New Atheism's claim, religion does not eo ipso violate standards of rationality, provided that rationality is understood in a non-positivist way. To...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Borges, Priscila (2013). Tracing signs of a developing science: On the correspondence between Victoria Lady Welby and Charles S. Peirce
The correspondence between Victoria Lady Welby and Charles Sanders Peirce started in 1903 when Welby sent Peirce her book What is meaning?, and continued with the exchange of letters about language...
Article in Journal | Posted 30/10/2014
Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko (2013). Christine Ladd-Franklin's and Victoria Welby's correspondence with Charles Peirce
The Peirce-Welby correspondence has been an invaluable source for the historians of logic and semiotics mapping the development of Peirce's thought and of the significs movement. The unpublished...
Link | Posted 25/08/2014
Minute Semeiotic

A research project that aims at the elaboration of a complete descriptions of the classes of signs and their mutual relation, discussing its relevance to theory and epistemology of communication...

News | Posted 04/08/2014
Philosophy of Language, Semiotics and Philosophy of Mind. Starting from C. S. Peirce in the Centenary of His Death

XXI Congress of the Italian Society of Philosophy of Language

This current year, 2014, is the centennial of the departure of Charles Sanders Peirce, father of semiotics, pioneer of modern...

Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Liszka, James J. (1996). A General Introduction to the Semeiotic of Charles Sanders Peirce

Liszka begins with a general overview of the discipline of semeiotic (which is Peirce's preferred spelling). Semeiotic plays a critical role in the system of sciences as Peirce understood it....

Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Freadman, Anne (2004). The Machinery of Talk: Charles Peirce and the Sign Hypothesis

This radical reevaluation of one of the foundational figures of semiotics presents Peirce as the theorist of the "machinery of talk" rather than of the mind and its contents. The book is a...

Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Short, T. L. (2007). Peirce's Theory of Signs
Monograph | Posted 04/08/2014
Greenlee, Douglas (1973). Peirce's Concept of Sign
Monograph | Posted 01/08/2014
Colapietro, Vincent M. (1989). Peirce's Approach to the Self: A Semiotic Perspective on Human Subjectivity
Monograph | Posted 30/07/2014
Tiercelin, Claudine (2013). La pensée-signe: Études sur C. S. Peirce

Fondateur du pragmatisme américain, Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) est considéré comme le logicien de ce mouvement. Il fut pourtant, tout autant que William James, un grand psychologue,...

News | Posted 30/07/2014
Claudine Tiercelin's 'La pensée-signe: Études sur C. S. Peirce' available online

1993 monograph made available as an open access publication by Collège de France (OpenEdition Books, 2013)

Monograph | Posted 29/07/2014
Jappy, Tony (2013). Introduction to Peircean Visual Semiotics

Contemporary culture is as much visual as literary. This book explores an approach to the communicative power of the pictorial and multimodal documents that make up this visual culture, using...

News | Posted 27/06/2014
100 Years of Modern Semiotics: Limits and Perspectives on Peirce’s Theory of Signs

The international conference is held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the founder of modern semiotics C. S. Peirce. The general topic of the conference...

News | Posted 26/06/2014
Special Issue on Peirce and the Cenoscopic Science of Signs

The American Journal of Semiotics Vol. 30, Issue 1/2, 2014

1.Priscila Borges, Experience and Cognition in Peirce’s Semiotics
2. Garnet C. Butchart, Haunting Past Images...