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This paper focuses on C. S. Peirce’s theory of mind. Although there are only a few studies on this subject, Peirce’s theory of mind has potential impacts even in the contemporary context. This paper...
Dictionary Entry | Posted 05/09/2015
Quote from "On Definition and Classification"

When I speak of a man’s Real Self, or True Nature, I mean the Very Springs of Action in him, which means how he would act, not when in haste, but after due consideration; and by “due...

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The article presents an analysis regarding Charles Peirce's cosmology about the growing self. It attempts to apply Peirce's thoughts about abduction and the growth of cosmic ideas to the...
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The article discusses the theoretical and analytical relevance of spontaneity, the basis of creativity, considered as a central aspect of the semiotic model of C. S. Peirce, through the study of its...
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