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Dictionary Entry | Posted 13/03/2018
Quote from "P of L"

A thing is whatever that is real as denoted by a subject of a proposition in such an analysis of the proposition that all general characters are separated from the...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 12/01/2015
Quote from "Notes on Topical Geometry"

By a thing I mean an object whose occurrence in any universe of reality or fiction is not ipso facto constituted by any law or reason, but is an act,...

Manuscript | Posted 12/01/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1899-1900 [c.]). Notes on Topical Geometry. MS [R] 142

A. MS., G-undated-16 [c.1899-1900?], 6 pp., plus 2 pp. each of two other drafts having the same title as above.
Published, in part, as 8.368n23. Omitted from publication are definitions of “...