Terrence Deacon

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Article in Journal | Posted 22/03/2016
Bennett, Tyler James (2015). The semiotic life cycle and The Symbolic Species
In The Symbolic Species (1997) Terrence Deacon identifies human verbal language acquisition as the first and foremost evolutionary threshold where symbol use happens, with all the concomitant...
Article in Journal | Posted 21/01/2016
de Villiers, Tanya (2007). Why Peirce Matters: The Symbol in Deacon's Symbolic Species
Article in Journal | Posted 29/11/2014
De Villiers, Tanya (2007). Why Peirce matters: the symbol in Deacon’s Symbolic Species
In “Why brains matter: an integrational perspective on The Symbolic Species” Cowley (2002) [Language Sciences 24, 73–95] suggests that Deacon pictures brains as being able to process words qua...