Continuous Predicate

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Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/08/2017
Quote from "Letters to Lady Welby"

A predicate which can […] be analyzed into parts all homogeneous with the whole I call a continuous predicate. It is very important in logical analysis,...

Article in Journal | Posted 29/10/2014
Bellucci, Francesco (2014). Peirce and the Unity of the Proposition
The paper addresses the issue of propositional unity in Peirce's logic: what distinguishes a proposition from a mere list of constituents, so that the former is able to say something while the...
Article in Journal | Posted 28/10/2014
Bellucci, Francesco (2013). Peirce's Continuous Predicates
Around 1906, Peirce discovered that the logical analysis of a proposition comes to an end when a “continuous predicate” is found. Continuous predicates are those predicates that cannot be analyzed,...