The Actuality of Peirce’s Thought

Academic Meeting
The Actuality of Peirce’s Thought

The 2014 Lisbon Centennial Peirce (1839-1914) Workshop


10th of November

  • 14h00‐17h00 Frederik Stjernfelt University of Copenhagen, Denmark - The Actuality of Peirce´s Doctrine of Dicisigns (Booksession & Debate)

11th of November

  • 10h00‐10h30 On the Actuality of Peirce´s Thought ‐ Roundtable with Olga Pombo (CFCUL), Nuno Nabais(CFCUL), Alexander Gerner(CFCUL), Mats Bergman (Unversity of Helsinki), Frederik Stjernfelt (University of Copenhagen)

I Contemporary Applications of Peirce

  • 10h30‐11h00 Alexander Gerner (University of Lisbon, Portugal) – Notes on the debate on “cognitive, social and moral enhancement” from a Peircean Perspective
  • 11h00‐11h30 Carlos Oliveira (UT Austin | Portugal International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, CoLab) ‐ Algorithmic Expressions of Biogrammatic Abstractions

short coffee break

II Abduction and its applications

  • 11h45­‐12h15 Fabio Sterpetti (Sapienza University Rome, Italy) - Scientific Realism, Abduction and Evolutionism
  • 12h15‐12h45 Andrés Rivadulla (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain) – Abduction in observational Natural Sciences. Some Examples of IBE in Palaeontology and the Earth Sciences

III Digital Companion to C.S. Peirce

  • 12h45‐13h05 Mats Bergman (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Presentation of Resources and tools for Peirce studies, “Commens. Digital Companion to C.S. Peirce” (

lunch break

13h05‐15h00 IV Mind and Perception

  • 15h00‐15h30 Marta Caravá (University of Bologna, Italy) The role of material symbols in Clark's “Extended Mind Theory”: a philosophical critique from Peirce's semiotic
  • 15h30‐16h00 Pierre-­‐Luc Dostie Proulx (Catholique University of Louvain, Belgium)-­‐ Getting to Reality Through Perception: A Peircean Account of Epistemological Realism

short coffee break

V Rhetoric, Norms, Propositions

  • 16h15-­‐16h45 Mats Bergman (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Normativity in Peirce's Rhetoric
  • 16h45‐17h15 Henrik Rydenfelt (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Norms, Emotions and the Causal Question
  • 17h15‐17h45 Frederik Stjernfelt (University of Copenhagen) - The Unity of Propositions

Organized by Alexander Gerner (CFCUL, University of Lisbon) and Nuno Nabais (CFCUL) and the strategic line of the CFCUL (2015-2020): Philosophy of Human Technology

Dr. Alexander Gerner
Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (CFCUL)
Campo Grande
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1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal
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