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Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/03/2018
Quote from "Letters to Mario Calderoni"

A sign cannot function at all without producing a physical effect. All our thoughts of every description are signs. A sign is triadic because it determines an interpretant sign...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 16/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

Every sign is in a triadic relation to an object and to an interpretant, which is brought by the sign into a relation to the object similar to the sign’s relation to the...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 15/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

A sign is anything, A, in a relation, r, to something, B, its object, this relation, r, consisting in fitness to determine something so as to...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 13/03/2018
Quote from "P of L"

A sign is a species under the genus representamen, the definition of which says nothing about a mind. A representamen is an object A, in such a triadic relation to an object, B...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/03/2018
Quote from "Minute Logic: Chapter I. Intended Characters of this Treatise"

The categories directly point out that anything may be regarded, first, in the aspect of a simple Quale; secondly, as in Relation to other things; and thirdly, as a Sign,...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 05/03/2018
Quote from "The Art of Reasoning. Chapter II. What is a Sign?"

There are three kinds of interest we may take in a thing. First, we may have a primary interest in it for itself. Second, we may have a secondary interest in it, on account of its reactions with...

Manuscript | Posted 05/03/2018
Peirce, Charles S. (nd). Fragments [R]. MS [R] 1009

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., n.d., 39 pp., excluding various calculations on verso of some pages.
Topics include: continuity and relativity; Anselm’s proof of God’s existence...

Manuscript | Posted 28/02/2018
Peirce, Charles S. (1908). The First Part of An Apology for Pragmaticism. MS [R] 296

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [c.1907-08 or 18 months after “Prolegomena”], pp. 1-14; 14-32, with p. 25 missing (but with no break in the text); pp. 7-16 of another draft; plus 24 pp...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 26/09/2017
Quote from "On the Logical Nature of the Proposition"

A sign is an object capable of determining in a mind a cognition of an object, called the object of the sign. A sign is a species under the genus ...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/09/2017
Quote from "Notes on Topical Geometry"

A sign is a thing which is a representative, or deputy, of another thing for the purpose of affecting mind.

Dictionary Entry | Posted 20/09/2017
Quote from "Letters to William James"

I start by defining what I mean by a Sign. It is something determined by something else, its Object, and itself influencing some person in such a way that that person...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 05/09/2017
Quote from "Adirondack Summer School Lectures"

A sign is something which is in a triadic relation to two things being a sign of a object for an interprete. Its relation to its object is such as to determine the...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 26/08/2017
Quote from "Miscellaneous Fragments [R]"

A sign is anything, A[,] which is in a genuine triadic relation to a so-called ‘Object,’ B, for a so[-]called ‘Interpretant,’, C.

Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/08/2017
Quote from "On the System of Existential Graphs Considered as an Instrument for the Investigation of Logic"

…a sign is a something which is on the one hand caused or otherwise determined by something else which is not utterly and altogether unreal, – this something else being the object of the sign...

Manuscript | Posted 24/08/2017
Peirce, Charles S. (1906 [c.]). On Existential Graphs as an Instrument of Logical Research. MS [R] 498

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., notebook (Harvard Cooperative), n.p., n.d.
Evidently prepared as an address to the American Academy. CSP mentions that existential graphs were...

Manuscript | Posted 22/08/2017
Peirce, Charles S. (1911.10.20). Notes on Logical Critique of the Essential Articles of Religious Faith. MS [R] 854

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., October 20, 1911, 1 folded sheet.
The nature of a sign: sign objects and interpretants.

Dictionary Entry | Posted 21/08/2017
Quote from "Foundations of Mathematics [R]"

A sign in some sense corresponds to an object and also determines an interpretant sign, or is capable of doing so. Although it is not necessary that any person...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 10/08/2017
Quote from "Definitions for Baldwin's Dictionary [R]"

A representamen, or sign, is anything (not necessarily real) which stands at once in a relation of correspondence to a second third, its object, and to another possible...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 10/08/2017
Quote from "Definitions for Baldwin's Dictionary [R]"

A representamen, or sign, is anything which stands, in any respect, at once in a relation of correspondence to a correlate, called its object[,] and to...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/08/2017
Quote from "The Logic Notebook"

A sign is a Priman which is Secundan to an Object and is Tertian in determining an Interpretant into Secundanity to that Object.