Keyword: Schelling

Article in Journal | Posted 05/01/2016
Dilworth, David A. (2015). Peirce’s Schelling-fashioned critique of Hegel
Peirce’s transformation of Kant’s faculty psychology and the heuristic power of the reflective judgment, set within his declared Schelling-fashioned objective idealism, informed his career-long...
Article in Journal | Posted 09/12/2015
Franks, Paul (2015). Peirce's ‘Schelling-Fashioned Idealism’ and ‘the Monstrous Mysticism of the East’
Peirce remarks on several occasions in the 1790s on affinities between his evolutionary metaphysics and Schelling's Idealism, behind which, he avers, lies ‘the monstrous mysticism of the East’....