Keyword: Neuroscience

News | Posted 14/11/2016
The Pragmatist Turn and Embodied Cognition: Habit and Experience at the crossroads between Pragmatism, Neurosciences, and Social Ontology

Keynote Speakers:

  • Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma)
  • Richard Menary (Macquarie University)
  • Daniel Hutto (University of Wollongong), TBC
  • Teed Rockwell (...
Article in Journal | Posted 22/12/2015
Sorrell, Kory (2015). Peirce, Immediate Perception, and the "New" Unconscious: Neuroscience and Empirical Psychology in Support of a "Well-Known Doctrine"
This article defends Charles Peirce's "doctrine of immediate perception." This realistic view holds that conscious agents, due to the work of unconscious mind, directly perceive the...