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News | Posted 17/12/2015
Working paper on the Metaphysical Club updated

Ahti- Veikko Pietarinen's memorandum on the Johns Hopkins Metaphysical Club has been updated. Jean-Marie Chevalier has been added as a second author of the working paper.

News | Posted 16/04/2015
Helsinki Metaphysical Club: Gabriele Gava

Gabriele Gava: "The Role of Methodeutic and Speculative Rhetoric within Peirce’s Classification of the Sciences"

News | Posted 09/02/2015
Robert B. Talisse: A Pragmatist Defense of Ideal Theory

Helsinki Metaphysical Club talk

News | Posted 28/01/2015
Marc Champagne: Brandom, Peirce, and the overlooked friction of contrapiction

Helsinki Metaphysical Club talk

News | Posted 27/08/2014
Helsinki Metaphysical Club: Fabien Schang - Truth, truth-values, and the like


Logic and epistemology are both related to truth, although these areas of philosophy deal with this central concept from different perspectives. Although the common distinction...

News | Posted 25/08/2014
Helsinki Metaphysical Club Workshop: ICON


10-13 (Room 19, University Main Building)
Jean-Marie Chevalier (Helsinki), "Peirce's Struggle with Resemblance"
Marc Champagne (Helsinki), "Introducing Peircean...

News | Posted 05/08/2014
CFP for special Issue on 'The Second Metaphysical Club and its Impact on the Development of American Science and Philosophy'

Special Issue of Perspectives on Science

GUEST EDITORS: Jean-Marie Chevalier, Amirouche Moktefi and Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen

Submissions invited for a special issue devoted to...

Working Paper | Posted 13/06/2014
Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko, Chevalier, Jean-Marie (2014). The Johns Hopkins Metaphysical Club and Its Impact on the Development of the Philosophy and Methodology of Sciences in the Late 19th-Century United States

This memorandum documents some of the most noteworthy facts concerning the Metaphysical Club meetings, which were predominantly presided over by Charles Peirce, and which took place at Johns...

Link | Posted 11/03/2014
Helsinki Metaphysical Club

The Metaphysical Club at the University of Helsinki is an open discussion and study group, which is primarily focused on the investigation and advancement of pragmatism and Peircean philosophy....

News | Posted 22/01/2014
Helsinki Metaphysical Club: 'Abduction and Ampliative Inference'

Amanda Hicks (SUNY Buffalo): “Abduction and Ampliative Inference”

News | Posted 15/10/2012
Victor Baker at the Helsinki Metaphysical Club: Geosemiosis

Prof. Victor R. Baker will give a talk on “Geosemiosis” at the Helsinki Metaphysical Club on Tuesday, 16 October, at 2 pm. The exact location (lecture room in the university Main building) will be...