Hypostatic Abstraction

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Encyclopedia Article | Posted 17/10/2016
Gava, Gabriele: "Prescission"

Prescission is a method used by Peirce to separate concepts and ideas from one another and to find hierarchical relationship of dependence among them. In particular, prescission is applied in...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/03/2016
Quote from "Materials for Monist Article: The Consequences of Pragmaticism. Vols. I and II [R]"

hypostatic abstraction, the act of metamorphosing a predicate or verb-idea into a subject (or grammatical object which is a secondary subject.)

Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/11/2015
Quote from "The Branches of Geometry; Existential Graphs [R]"

Abstraction names two wholly different operations. One of them consists in supposing some feature of the fact to be absent, or at least leaving it out of account. I call that ...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 18/07/2015
Quote from "The Basis of Pragmaticism"

When we speak of the depth, or signification, of a sign we are resorting to hypostatic abstraction, that process whereby we regard a thought as a thing, make an...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 18/07/2015
Quote from "Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism"

That wonderful operation of hypostatic abstraction by which we seem to create entia rationis that are, nevertheless, sometimes real, furnishes us the means of turning predicates from...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 18/07/2015
Quote from "Issues of Pragmaticism"

We shall […] do much to relieve the stem “abstract” from staggering under the double burden of conveying the idea of prescission as well as the unrelated and very important idea of...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 18/07/2015
Quote from "Minute Logic: Chapter III. The Simplest Mathematics"

The most ordinary fact of perception, such as “it is light,” involves precisive abstraction, or prescission. But hypostatic abstraction, the abstraction which transforms...

Manuscript | Posted 21/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1905-06). Analysis of some Demonstrations concerning definite Positive Integers. MS [R] 70

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., G-1905-6, pp. 1-20, with 50 pp. of variants and notes.
See notes for an explanation of existential graphs. The versos of some pages contain notes for...