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Manuscript | Posted 12/03/2018
Peirce, Charles S. (1910 [c.]). On the Three Kinds of Reasoning [R]. MS [R] 755

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., n.d., pp. 1-19, 9-23, with variants.
Drafts of beginning of CSP’s “Little Book on Religion,” c.1911: natural gift of understanding, common sense...

Article in Journal | Posted 02/10/2017
Chiu, Chi-chun (1995). The Notion of Truth in Peirce's Earliest System
Examines the concept of truth in Charles Sanders Peirce's earliest system. Three factors affecting the determination of the truth of a proposition; Two parts of Peirce's characterizations...
Article in Edited Collection | Posted 23/08/2017
Hookway, Christopher (2000). Pragmatism: Commonsense and the Limits of Science. In: Proper Ambition of Science
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Smyth, Richard A. (2002). Peirce's Normative Science Revisited
Highlights the issues discussed by Richard Robin in his essay on Charles Peirce and normative science. Distinction between the types of knowledge; Information on the Kantian common sense.
News | Posted 10/05/2016
EJPAP Thematic Issue: Pragmatism and Common Sense

European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy
EJPAP 9, 2, 2017

Pragmatism and Common-Sense

Guest Editors: Gabriele Gava (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Institut...

Article in Journal | Posted 11/11/2014
Espinoza, Alex (2014). Interpretación Pragmática de los Sistemas de Creencias en Hume y Peirce
In philosophical literature the issue of beliefs has been identified historically with David Hume and common sense. Beliefs are dynamic systems and its resignification is constant. Charles Sanders...