Collateral Experience

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Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/08/2017
Quote from "Letters to Lady Welby"

A Sign may bring before the Mind, a new hypothesis, or a sentiment, a quality, a respect, a degree, a thing, an event, a law, etc. But it never can convey anything to a person who has not had...

Article in Edited Collection | Posted 18/12/2015
Anttila, Raimo (1994). Collaterality and Genetic Linguistics. In: The Peirce Seminar Papers, Volume Two
Article in Journal | Posted 29/10/2014
Bergman, Mats (2007). Common Grounds and Shared Purposes: On Some Pragmatic Ingredients of Communication
This article explores a set of key conceptions involved in Charles S. Peirce’s account of communication, building on the hypothesis that his semiotic can beneficially be approached from a...