Royce/Peirce Correspondence at the Royce Edition Website

Royce/Peirce Correspondence at the Royce Edition Website

The Royce Edition website is your one stop place for Royce research. The Royce Edition website ( contains pdf scans of Royce’s books, journal articles, book reviews, and most of his other writings, including reports on parapsychology (A few very early, obscure articles are yet to be located). Of significance to Royce scholars is a complete pdf scan and transcription of his Ph.D. dissertation and numerous unpublished lectures in both manuscript and transcription. More unpublished lectures will be posted as they become available and are transcribed. Additional materials are present.

This announcement is to report that the correspondence between Josiah Royce and Charles Peirce is posted both in letter manuscript form and in transcription. This correspondence gives insights into their thought on logic, plus a few other matters. The Royce side of the correspondence was published by John Clendenning in his volume of Royce letters. What is new are the manuscript versions of the Royce letters. Some of the Peirce correspondence is published, but this is the first time the full set of letter manuscripts plus transcriptions are available. Especially with Peirce, the letter manuscripts are enlightening.

Another improvement is a search function which searches the text pdfs on the website. (Pdf scans are not searchable.)

Aug 29, 2019, 14:47 by Mats Bergman