Pragmatism and Communication

Academic Meeting
Pragmatism and Communication

From the sign-theoretical approach of C. S. Peirce to the pragmatic analyses of Robert Brandom, matters of communication have figured prominently in pragmatist thought. Beginning with John Dewey and Robert E. Park, pragmatism has also directly influenced communication scholarship; and interest in pragmatist ideas is currently on the rise in media and communication studies. But what roles does ‘communication’ actually play in pragmatisms of various stripes? What are the distinctive contributions of pragmatism to our understanding and study of communication?

Organising committee: Mats Bergman, Aki Petteri Lehtinen, Henrik Rydenfelt

Co-organised by:

  • The research project Pragmatic Objectivity, with funding from the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation and the University of Helsinki
  • The Philosophy of Communication Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association
  • The Nordic Pragmatism Network
  • The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
University of Helsinki
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