New issue of Cognitio published

New issue of Cognitio published

Vol. 15, n. 1, available on line (texts now available to read/download as pdf files).


  • Getting Over the Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry / Douglas R. Anderson 13-24
  • Peirce and Spinoza´s Pragmaticist Methapysics /Shannon Dea 25-36
  • Intellectual Gravity and Elective Attractions: The Provenance of Peirce’s Categories in Friedrich von Schiller / David A. Dilworth 37-72
  • Doing Epistemology Scientifically: Dewey versus Russell / Paul Forster 73-88
  • “Things Unreasonably Compulsory”: A Peircean Challenge to a Humean Theory of Perception, Particularly With Respect to Perceiving Necessary Truths / Catherine Legg 89-112
  • The Present Place and Purpose of American Philosophy / Erin McKenna, Scott L. Pratt 113-124
  • Thomas Reid (1710 – 1796) on the Nature and Possibility of Language (Português) / Roberto Hofmeister Pich, Jacson Jonas Faller 125-148
  • What Exactly Does Thinking Mean? A Few Possible Answers to Preliminary Questions Concerning a Pragmatic-semiotic-psychoanalytic Theory of Thought / Vera Saller 149-172
  • Thinking about the Content of Thoughts: Advance or Regression? / Sofia Inês Albornoz Stein 173-186
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