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Corresponding to induction, we have the following mode of inference: [—]


M has, for example, the numerous marks P’, P”, P”’, etc.,
S has the proportion r of the marks P’, P”, P”’, etc.;
Hence, probably and approximately, S has an r-likeness to M.

Thus, we know, that the ancient Mound-builders of North America present, in all those respects in which we have been able to make the comparison, a limited degree of resemblance with the Pueblo Indians. The inference is, then, that in all respects there is about the same degree of resemblance between these races.

If I am permitted the extended sense which I have given to the word “induction,” this argument is simply an induction respecting qualities instead of respecting things. [—]

I call this induction of characters hypothetic inference, or, briefly, hypothesis.

CP 2.706-707
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