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Quote from ‘On the System of Existential Graphs Considered as an Instrument for the Investigation of Logic’


…it will be necessary for the present and for a long time to come to regard logic, not as a distinct science, but as only a department of the science of the general constitution of signs, – the physiology of signs, cenoscopic semeiotics. For it we roughly define a sign as a medium of communication, a piece of concerted music is a sign, and so is a word or signal of command. Now logic has no positive concern with either of these kinds of signs, but it must concern itself with them negatively in defining the kind of signs it does deal with; and it is not likely that in our time there will be anybody to study the general physiology of the nonlogical signs except the logician, who is obliged to do so, in some measure.

1906 [c.]
MS [R] 499
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